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Wouldn't it be great if when our kids were born they came with a "How To" manual?  Well, they don't.  As moms we really do try to do our absolute best, but it is inevitable that at some point we will mess up.  Sometimes, not so badly, other times, horribly.

The one thing that is handed out with motherhood, however, is guilt.  And plenty of it.  Moms constantly fret and stress out over every decision we make.  Am I doing everything I can?  Are my kids being hugged and kissed enough?  Did I somehow traumatize my kid today?  What damage am I doing to their tender egos when I tune them out like that?  When was the last time my kid took a shower?  The mental torture is limitless.

I'm sure I can't be the only less-than-stellar mom, but perhaps I'm one of the few that will cop to it and lay all my cards on the table.  Here it is, ladies.  I'm a bad mom.  A flake.  A screw-up.  I'm that mom that never sends the signed permission slip.  I'm the mom that lets her kid's lunch accounts dip into the negative.  I forget snack days.  I sometimes feed them cereal for dinner.  It's all true.  

I started this blog because I just know I'm not the only one out there who feels this way.  Not every woman I know can possibly be one of those superwomen that balance work and family along with soccer, swim team and dance lessons.  Something goes wrong pretty much every day at my house.  So here are my stories and accounts of all the stupid mistakes I make with my kids.  Maybe you'll say "I've done that before" or "I can't believe she did that!"  Either way, lets get through this strange and crazy journey together!

I have three kids.  Brennan is my oldest, and he is 9.  Carson is the middle child, and he is 8.  Darby is my youngest and only girl, and she is almost 7.  Yes, I had three kids in three years.

My name is Nikki, and I'm the Worst Mom Ever.

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